Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bring Back 49er Football Campaign Blog/Website

George Allen @ Press Conference
Bring Back 49er Football Long Beach has worked to get the issue of reinstating football to a vote. Now it is time to educate the student body, media, and citizens of Long Beach about how CSULB bring back football can benefit the University and City hand in hand.

This blog will be the media source for news and updates from Bring Back 49er Football and related issues. There should be at least, one post everyday from today until the end of March.

Bring Back 49er Football Website:

Bring Back 49er Football Blog:

Bring Back 49er Football is committed to getting out the vote for football. The Vote will take place between March 21-24, and will be held online.

With the Student Excellence Fee being imposed on students makes bringing back football even more of a challenge.

T-Shirts will be coming very soon, any type of volunteer help would be kindly appreciated.

Go Beach!

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