Monday, April 11, 2011

Bring Back 49er Football Fails by Narrow Margin

Big West Football Reinstatement Status
By Jason Aula

The vote to Bring Back 49er Football was not favorable, 52% of students voted "No" and the additional 48% voted "Yes".  Bring Back 49er Football faced many obstacles including the Daily 49er lack of fair and balanced reporting on the issue over the YEARS. In addition  Associated Students Inc. @ Cal State Long Beach was not helpful collectively. Student government leaders acted like your average self serving lying politicians especially former ASI President Chris Chavez who negated students calls for football.  I was lied to by multiple administrators and given the run around in regards to multiple football issues. Bring Back 49er Football even picked up the nick name: " The Football Tea Party".

Since Bring Back 49er Football began almost 3 years ago in mid April of 2008 during my run for ASI VP there have been so many negative comments and closed minded thinkers. My intentions on starting the campaign to bring back football was to change the culture of our university. President Alexander stated he wanted to make CSULB more of a "traditional college", which impress upon me that if a favorable vote got to his desk it would be enacted, despite non supportive rumors that come out of King Alexanders office.

The two primary reasons the referendum failed was the lack of on campus venue and money. If there was an on campus stadium and maybe $500 more to spend  during election week for promotional materials.  Bring Back 49er Football has already composed a new petition that is being circulated to get to get a 2nd vote on the ballot to bring back football this fall. This time the proposal will include proposed bonds to build an on campus stadium after the program has played its first 5 seasons, in the mean time Vets Stadium, the 49er's old home will have to do.

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