Wednesday, April 13, 2011

CSUN Football Stadium would promote economic development in the valley and community identity

By: Jason Aula

With 4,000 signatures of the associated students submitted to the CSUN student government,  and a student vote projected in May of 2011. The vote will decide whether CSUN students accept or reject a student activity fee of $86 per semester phased in over 5 years. The highest annual increase within the 5 year period is $25 and the lowest increase is $6. With that in mind, usually peoples' next question is where would a football team play?

In 1999 the CSUN Athletic Facilities Siting Advisory Committee recommended the North Campus site as the location for a future new stadium, saying the site provides the best opportunity to minimize any impacts on surrounding property owners. As a concept, the stadium would be built into the hilltop as a bowl. In case you did not know the North Campus Stadium Site still exist off of Lassen and Zelzah.

 But the committee also liked Pierce College as an off-site option, calling its stadium "the most suitable for short-term use because of its availability." In total, the committee reviewed 11 locations-six on campus and five off campus-in coming to its final recommendations.

 A university-commissioned survey of San Fernando Valley residents in April of 1999 found that 68 percent supported construction of an on-campus stadium, provided taxpayer funds are not used. And nearly 88 percent thought it important that any such facility also be available for high school and community events.

Two-thirds of San Fernando Valley-area residents support construction of an 8,500-seat campus football stadium at Cal State Northridge. An on campus football stadium would provide a community center for the Valley and a solid foundation for CSUN's identity, not to mention campus pride and school spirit would go through the roof. Maybe CSUN could try and kick the commuter campus image?

In addition, an on campus football stadium would bring people to campus and allow students to promote their university. An on campus stadium would attract donors and alumni. It's a rallying point and a very important piece to the puzzle!

Bring Back Matador Football, the student group that gathered over 4,000 Associated Students signatures, to trigger a student vote to reinstate football at the Division 1AA Level is currently working to address the issue of where a team would play. Currently two Big West schools participate in Division 1AA Football UC Davis and Cal Poly SLO. Furthermore CSUF is also proposing bringing back football at the Division 1AA level, the vote is projected to take place in September 2011. CSUF has the advantage of having an on campus stadium with over 10,000 seats. Bring Back 49er Football at Long Beach State is gathering signatures for a proposed special election to bring back football in November 2011.

Bring Back Matador Football has created a new piece of legislation that is being circulated in a form of petition titled Matador Pride. Matador Pride addresses the need for an on campus football stadium. Making an investment on an campus stadium would provide a community center for the Valley and a solid foundation for CSUN's identity.

Matador Pride proposes adding a $20 per semester student activity fee for 5 years to be directed to capital improvements on North Campus Stadium. Over 5 years the Matador Pride fund would direct about $7.2 million to capital improvements on the North Campus Stadium site. Matador Pride needs about 4,000 signatures to trigger  a special AS campus wide vote.


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  1. Great job. I would love to see some Big West schools restart football. It would be great for the schools. There is no better PR vehicle than football.

    Do you think that an invitation to join the FBS WAC could help influence positive reception? As I'm sure you know the WAC has invited UTSA who hasn't played a down of football. I'd love to see some more "western" schools invited.