Thursday, March 3, 2011

March Madness: CSULB, CSUF, and CSUN are attempting to Reinstate Div. 1AA Football by Student Votes

By Jason Aula

March Madness in so cal has a little different meaning this year. Three southern California CSUs are attempting to reinstate Div. 1AA football programs.

CSULB, will be voting from March 21-24 on reinstating football. Bring Back 49er Football is a student organization committed to promoting the reinstatement of football at CSULB. Bring Back 49er Football collected the required signatures to put the matter of football to a vote.

Bring Back Matador Football began gathering signatures at the beginning of February and has obtained over 2000 of the 3500 signatures needed to set a student vote. Bring Back Matador Football is using the CSULB model for bringing back football. Bring Back Matador Football Projects a Spring 2011 vote to reinstate football.

Bring Back Titan Football is unique because that organization is composed of football alumni and students. Efforts to gather signatures began on 2/28/2011 and should commence no later then mid April 2011. CSUF, also has an on campus stadium, which increases the odds of reinstatement happening.

CSULB, CSUN, and CSUF all play Big West Conference sports for the most part. Cal Poly SLO and UC Davis are Big West conference schools in almost every sport except football. The three schools attempting to reinstate football should begin the talks of the possibility of the Big West conference supporting football. If these local schools all play div 1aa football why not?

 One of the biggest football expenses is travel costs. Big West Football could become a reality and urge schools such as UC Irvine and Pacific to reinstate suspended football programs in the future. Southern California is a great place to recruit football players and even with big schools like USC, UCLA, and SDSU these three state schools could still recruit.

CSULB Contact: Jason Aula 818 602 6815

CSUN Contact: Jeff Benson 818 631 8761

CSUF Contact: Danny Pasquil 626 482 6835 

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