Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Big West Football?

By Jason Aula

I think it maybe time for the talks to begin about Big West Conference Football. With CSUF and CSUN following CSULB’s model to reinstate football, votes are anticipated for CSUF and CSUN during the Spring 2011 semester. CSUN will be voting in April  2011. If these efforts to reinstate football programs are successful, what division would we these schools play in?
CSULB, CSUN, and CSUF are all attempting to reinstate football programs at the Division 1AA level. Currently Cal Poly Slo and UC Davis play Division 1AA level Football. Both Slo and Davis are Big West members with the Universities that may reinstate football. Travel costs for away games would decrease considerably making having football more affordable for all.
Efforts have begun to reinstate football at UCSB, a Big West Conference member. UCSB happens to have a 17,000 seat on campus stadium, which makes bringing up reinstatement that much easier.  UCR efforts are currently in the works.  With the Sacramento Kings packing up to move to Anaheim, which is very close to the Riverside area. The King proving there is demand for a pro team in the Riverside and OC areas. Why would’nt there be demand for College football in the 909 /951 areas?
Now that Bring Back 49er Football has shared the blue print on bringing back a college football team. Bring Back 49er Football welcomes anyone wishing to reinstate football to PERFECT our effort! Our effort was based upon a shared report from CSUF Bring Back Titan Football. The report was the plan Georgia State implemented when bringing back football recently.
Bring Back 49er Football will be glad to advise anyone wishing to reinstate football! Let the talks on Big West Football Begin!
Go Beach!
Bring Back 49er Football


  1. I'll be saving for season tickets if Dr. Alexander gives it the green light.

  2. CSULB has a great talent pool here in So Cal. We can do ok, just as we did since 1949.

    GO BEACH!!!

  3. Get Pomona on the reinstatement band wagon! There could be great rivalries with SLO and Fullerton!