Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bring Back Titan Football's Signature Gathering Drive Starts with a Touchdown

On Monday 2/28/2011 Bring Back Titan Football Signature Gathering launched. Bring Back Titan Football began before Bring Back 49er Football in the Fall of 2008. Bring Back 49er Football was very lucky to get the petition template and reinstatement proposal from the leadership of Bring Back Titan Football. Without the blueprint Bring Back Titan Football shared with Aula in the fall of 2008 CSULB would not be voting on bringing back football this March. Bring Back 49er Football President Jason Aula has helped launch signature gathering efforts at CSUF and CSUN. Aula is using the exact same approach at both universities as the one he implemented at CSULB. Aula went on to state that he felt CSUF has the best chance to reinstate football of the 3 Cal State movements." CSUF has a new 10,000 seat stadium on campus CSULB and CSUN do not, not having an on campus stadium effects the odds of reinstatement in a bad way."

On a good note for CSUN still does have the stadium site available where the full 10,00 seat stadium stood until 2001, Long Beach State has Veterans Stadium on the Long Beach City College campus. The Div. 1AA team played there until the 1991 season. Veterans Stadium maybe old, but the LBCC College Republicans are currently gathering signatures for the Veterans Stadium Beautification Act. The Veterans Stadium Beautification Act would create a temporary student activity fee of $5 per semester for a 5 year period. This would allow capital improvements to be done to help Veterans Stadium become a revenue source, not a financial liability.

CSUF is set to have all signatures gathered and submitted by mid April at the latest. The vote could be set for the Spring or Fall semester, it depends on how quickly the signatures are verified. At CSULB it took 3-4 weeks for the Dean of Students to verify the signatures.

CSUN has 2,121 of 3,500 signatures needed to set a vote at Cal State Northridge. CSUN anticipated completing signature gathering efforst by the 3rd or 4th week of March. A vote to reinstate football will likely take place during spring 2011.

CSUF should have 2,000 or more signatures by the end of March. Hopefully the efforts at all 3 Socal Cal States will awaken more people to join the efforts. Maybe we can talk about the Big West having football because Cal Poly and Davis have Div. 1AA football. Both CSUF and CSUN are using the same proposal submitted to CSULB ASI and Administration. Both CSUF and CSUN would both reinstate football at the Div. 1AA level according to proposals.

By: Jeff Benson

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