Saturday, March 5, 2011

Help Increase CSULB Prestige and School Spirit!

49er Football Helmet
CSU Long Beach, a proud institution with a leading school of Arts, state of the art computer science and engineering facilities, is one of the fastest growing colleges in the CSU system.

Unfortunately, one thing is missing-- a football team.
Yes, we have Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, etc.. but a football team would add so much to the school:

1) Increase school spirit via huge games that almost everyone would enjoy

2) Increase the amount of revenue the school takes in through ticket sales

3) Give the students and the community at large a fun, all-American activity that the whole family can enjoy -- as well as college students!

4) Increase school recognition and prestige.

There are both social and economic benefits to CSULB and the LA/OC area to have a football team. Having a team would also, increase CSULB's association with the city of Long Beach. In addition having football would increase campus pride to new levels!

Just imagine how much fun it would be to hang out with your friends before the game, enjoying some food and drinks before heading over to the game. Cheering when CSULB scores a touchdown, the tense silence at the one field goal that could make all the difference, the shouts of ecstasy when CSULB makes the surprise interception and touchdown, and the victory celebration after wards.

Can you imagine it? I can, so lets make it a reality!

Vote Yes March 21-24th during ASI Elections

Go Beach!

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